Interlude - Agony

Agony aunt is hunched over in a corner, dirty, hair in disarray. In one hand, a syringe, the other making a fist as she injects her latest serum. The floor is littered with vials, labels varying from neat, doctoral writing to hasty scrawls – Slink, Tyrannosaurus Rex, homunculi. Her arm muscles stand out, grossly inflated and covered in sickly green and purple veins, spreading from the injection site once the junkie-eqsue tourniquet is released. Her knuckles are bloody, a mirror lays smashed in the background – she fears what she has become but aren’t heroes meant to make sacrifices?

She stands. Tech Knight her hero, dead. Dynamo, dead. The people she sought to inspire, gone. Warrior, their killer is alive, because of her actions. No good deed goes unpunished. Under the watchful gaze of the homunculi eye on the shelf, she realises – she has become just like them, once human, now a monster in the eyes of the world.


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